I can capture almost any performance up to 16 live tracks.  I have a modest space that is large enough to track a 4 or 5 piece band live.  Good for drum tracking too.  50% deposit required for recording gigs.


I will mix your project, applying tasteful compression, eq, and sweetening to make your song sound the best it can be.  No deposit required for mixing gigs.  Pay only if you like what I do.


Although I do not have the perfect room to master a project, I can get your track to sound better, and compete with the levels of the commercial stuff you hear on the radio.  No deposit here either.


I am grateful for any opportunity to help with your project.  I guarantee all my work, if you are not happy, let me know, and we’ll work it out together.

  • Song Packages – Prices are for recording in my studio, and are all inclusive.  Please allow up to two weeks for mix. 2 mix revisions maximum (3 total mixes).  Prices include usage of any of my equipment necessary to complete your project.
    • 1 Song recorded and mixed – $150
    • 5 Songs recorded and mixed – $650
  • Mixing (2 revisions included) – $100 per song
  • Mastering (1 revision)- $50 per song
  • Editing – $25 per hour – We can discuss the details
  • Raw Tracks – $7 per song, per track (in addition to recording fees)